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Chain-link ceiling solutions by Kriskadecor
Green and emerald metal mesh designed by Stylt Trampoli at Stora Hotellet in Umeå, Sweden. Photo is by Luis Acosta

Kriskadecor's aluminium chain-links create sculptural ceiling solutions

Dezeen promotion: Spanish brand Kriskadecor creates aluminium chain-links in a wide range of colours that can be used to design anything from simple geometric patterns to sculpture-like ceiling decorations.

The metal chain-link manufacturer creates fully customised solutions for shops, hotels, restaurants, shopping centres and offices globally, with a focus on original products with contemporary designs that stand the test of time.

Chain-link ceiling solutions by Kriskadecor
A Kriskadecor ceiling solution at the Sorli Emocions shopping centre. Photo is by Marcela Grassi

Kriskadecor's 24-colour palette means it can create a wide variety of designs and even recreate an image in high definition on the chain links. The translucency of the chain-links add to their decorative possibilities, as it lets users play with light and shadow.

Its chains can also be used to design sculptural three-dimensional structures for ceilings, such as Kriskadecor's Falls option, which is designed by Yonoh Studio.

Chain-link ceiling solutions by Kriskadecor
Intersecting tubes create playful shapes in the Falls design by Yonoh Studio

The Falls design consists of a combination of intersecting tubes in different lengths, which the client can adapt to create a customised design based on the colours, quantity, height, and distance between the falls.

The client can also add one light source per tube to create a "subtle halo" of light around the strands.

Chain-link ceiling solutions by Kriskadecor
Colourful ceiling decoration at the Novotel Dijon Route des Grands Crus. Photo is by Pavlos Efthimiou

Designs from Kriskadecor have been used to personalise the ceilings of a number of global projects, including the Novotel Dijon Route des Grands Crus in Burgundy, France, and the lobby of the Westquay Watermark Shopping Centre in the UK.

For the Novotel Dijon ceiling, Design Studio created an organic composition comprised of 30 pieces, each 40 centimetres high and curved.

Chain-link ceiling solutions by Kriskadecor
Hues informed by the land and ocean at the Westquay Southampton. Photo is by Ben Luxmoore

While for the Westquay Watermark Shopping Centre, designer Michelle Taylor used 800 square metres of aluminium chain to create undulating shapes that decorate the space.

As the brand explained, the colours – gold, green, lime and black – were chosen to reference "the mark left by the coast in Southampton's port," as well as to emulate the northern lights.

The rails for this project were custom-curved in order to create fluid structures.

Chain-link ceiling solutions by Kriskadecor
Apricot-coloured chains decorate Karavaevi Cafe. Photo is by Denis Vasiliev

At the industrial-style Karavevi Cafe in Moscow, Russia, designer Marina Bagrova added several apricot-coloured volumes that hang over the tables.

"These wavy chain veils also function as points of light, reducing the distance between the ceiling and the tables and creating an intimate space for the client to feel comfortable," Kriskadecor explained.

A wider range of similar hues was used for Kriskadecor's chain-links at the Braschi Dubai store in the United Arab Emirates.

Chain-link ceiling solutions by Kriskadecor
The local heritage is referenced in the ceiling sculpture designed by Studio Associato at Braschi Dubai

Several layers of curved design come in tones of orange, sand, apricot, brown, gold and orange in brilliant and satin finishes that suit the local culture and the heritage of the store.

Kriskadecor was founded in Spain in 1926. Its designs can be used as space dividers, as well as for wall coverings, ceilings, facades, as lighting elements and for many other special structures.

For more information on its chain-link design solutions for ceilings, visit the company's website.

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