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ON&ON's shelving system with cabinet units

ON&ON updates shelving system with new modular components

Dezeen Showroom: British brand ON&ON has added a made-to-measure desk, cabinet and clothes hanger components to its modular shelving system

The shelving system, launched by ON&ON in 2013, is an adjustable and modular storage solution designed to be mounted to walls in both domestic and public spaces.

ON&ON's shelving system with cabinet units
ON&ON cabinet units can be fitted with drawers

The new modules include desks, cabinets and clothes hangers that are all crafted from powder-coated aluminium. They are made to measure and can be snapped into position in the same way as the original range to ensure compatibility.

"ON&ON combines a modular design with made to measure parts, creating a straightforward architectural system with long seamless shelves, desks and cabinets," said the brand.

"The components come together to expand the system and complement their existing design."

ON&ON's shelving system with a desk unit
The desk units are deliberately simple

The cabinet units can be customised with either drawers or fold-down doors, while the desk components are intended to be as simple as possible – evoking a minimal shelf.

The clothes hanger modules are made with chrome, black or white powder-coated finishes and they can be combined in various lengths or depths.

ON&ON's shelving system with a clothes hanger unit
Clothes hangers are available with a white powder-coated finish

According to ON&ON, the shelving system and its new components are all designed as a circular product and service, with all structural elements guaranteed for life.

"When you purchase ON&ON shelving it's not just the product you are buying but a service and way of thinking," it explained. "The system is designed for the long term."

"Structural parts are guaranteed for life and the system components will always stay the same even if you come back 10, 20, 30 years later."

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ON&ON's shelving system
ON&ON's shelving system with a cabinet unit
ON&ON's shelving system with a cabinet unit