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Photograph of a white bed in a white room with big glass windows

Tim Rundle designs modular "bed for life" motivated by circular economy principles

Dezeen Showroom: London-based Tim Rundle has designed a modular bed with Danish brand ReFramed using recycled aluminium that can be assembled with "no loose screws and just one tool".

Motivated by circular economy principles such as repairability, reusability, durability and flexibility, ReFramed bed aims to be "a bed for life".

Photograph of a white bed with yellow and blue bed sheets in an industrial factory
ReFramed Bed System is made of recycled aluminium

"The ReFramed bed was designed to address a gap in the market for well-designed beds," said Rundle.

"It is a category that has been somewhat ignored by most design furniture brands, typically catered for at the lower end by IKEA, and the upper end by the super-premium Italian brands."

Photograph of ten pieces of red aluminium and a tool
The bed system is made of small components that allow durability and repairability

According to the brand, extruded aluminium was chosen as the primary material thanks to its strength, recyclability and availability as a recycled material.

The designer took building elements from the exhibition stand industry in order to achieve a simple, fast and reliable assemblage.

Photograph of a red bed frame with two side tables in a white background
The system includes a collection of accessories, such as side tables, headboards and under-bed storage drawers

The bed system is made of small components, which the brand says allow frame size modifications as well as to be individually replaced in event of failure, returning the old parts to the brand "for refurbishment and re-use".

Aiming to create an "unimposing design" to allow adaptability in any environment, the brand also designed the frame to pack down to a suitable size for standard courier delivery.

Photograph of a white bed with blue and yellow bed linen and a suitcase underneath in a white room
ReFramed Bed System minimalism is driven by "a desire to stay true to its manufacturing processes"

"A new brand and a blank canvas allowed us to question everything we know about designing and producing furniture," ReFramed told Dezeen.

"We took this opportunity to engage in a holistic industrial design process, investigating every aspect of a product's existence from user experience to logistics in order to create a complete product that is relevant to our target consumer."

ReFramed Bed System has been shortlisted in the furniture design category at this year's Dezeen Awards. Other projects in the running include Low Collection by Ebba Architects, Petra Table by Peca and Intersection Table by Snøhetta.

The photography is by Benjamin Lund.

Product: ReFramed Bed System
Designer: Tim Rundle
Brand: ReFramed

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