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IOC designs Solari workstation in collaboration with Gensler

IOC Project Partners designs Solari workstation in collaboration with Gensler

Dezeen Showroom: trestle legs and a customisable, J-shaped privacy screen distinguish the Solari desk system, developed by Italian office furniture company IOC Project Partners in collaboration with Gensler.

The workbench can be electronically height-adjusted and used in both a seated and standing form, with an integrated alarm alerting the user when it's time to change positions.

On its own, the desk encourages collaboration and can even be used in a domestic set-up, while an optional, noise-absorbing divider screen can be added to facilitate deep work and concentration in an open-plan office.

IOC designs Solari workstation in collaboration with Gensler
The Solari desk system includes an optional, J-shaped privacy screen

The divider curves in at the bottom to form a distinctive J-shape that holds all of the necessary wiring while keeping floor space clear.

"Solari was conceived with a casual but distinct design language that recalls a design-atelier aesthetic," said Mark Morton, design director and principal at Gensler.

"We set out to create a system that diminishes the familiar large componentry of typical systems furniture in favor of thin profiles, bent metals and minimal detailing," added design director and senior associate Jonas Gabbai.

With a mission to "give every occupant a sense of personal space" each of the dividers is outfitted with a fabric panel, which comes in a range of vibrant Kvadrat colours and can serve as a backdrop for personal photos, notes and reminders.

Additional storage can be added on in the form of a suspended pedestal or cabinet.

Product: Solari
Product design consultant: Gensler
Brand: IOC Project Partners
Contact: [email protected]

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