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Calla Chandelier by John Pomp

Calla Chandelier by John Pomp

Dezeen Showroom: the Calla Chandelier by Philadelphia-based designer John Pomp features six iridescent, disc-shaped lights informed by calla lilies.

The Calla Chandelier is made from hand-blown pieces of glass that are suspended from a three-tiered, adjustable solid-brass armature.

The combination of these two elements aims to create a blend of organic and geometric design.

"This piece reminds us of the precarious balance found in nature," said the brand. "The structural metal arms create beautifully articulated lines, balanced by falling glass petals."

Calla Chandelier by John Pomp
Top image: smoke glass with iridescent finish and oil-rubbed, blackened steel structure. Above image: clear glass with iridescent finish and satin brass structure

Each individual light is surrounded by a sculptural glass disc whose undulating shape takes cues from calla lily flowers. These six glass pieces are illuminated by their own six-watt incandescent bulb.

The glass comes in different finishes and colours, including transparent, gold leaf, iridescent, sepia-toned, topaz, olive, opaline and a grey-hued colour called smoke.

The metal armature also comes in various finishes including satin brass, satin nickel, oxidised brass, light oil-rubbed blackened steel and oil-rubbed blackened steel.

Product: Calla Chandelier
Designer: John Pomp
Contact: [email protected]

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Calla Chandelier by John Pomp
Calla Chandelier by John Pomp
Calla Chandelier by John Pomp