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Haze pendant lamp by Samuel Wilkinson x Zero Light is wrapped in 3D-printed fabric

Haze lamp by Samuel Wilkinson for Zero Lighting

Dezeen Showroom: London-based designer Samuel Wilkinson worked alongside Swedish brand Zero Lighting to create Haze, a lantern-like pendant lamp that's wrapped in 3D-printed fabric.

The Haze lamp that Wilkinson has made for Zero Lighting is meant to offer a contemporary take on traditional Chinese lanterns. It features a central globe that has 3D-printed fabric stretched across its exterior.

At the top and bottom of the lamp is what Wilkinson describes as wooden "collars", which tidily conceal the ends of the fabric.

Haze pendant lamp by Samuel Wilkinson x Zero Light is wrapped in 3D-printed fabric
The Haze pendant lamp is wrapped in 3D-printed fabric

The weaving of the fabric appears to intensify at the outer edges of the globe so that, when the lamp is switched on, there seems to be a dark "haze" surrounding it.

"The idea arrived by accident after testing some 3D knitted fabrics for another project on top of a round form in the studio," explained Wilkinson.

"By chance we noticed this hazing effect that happened as the light faded around the form due to the thickness of the fabric," he continued. "From this discovery, it was a case of developing the elements to refine the design and try to bring it together in an attractive way."

Suitable for homes or workspaces, Haze is available in black, white or petroleum, a teal-blue shade. The lamp can be suspended on its own or as part of a group to create a more dramatic visual effect.

Product: Haze
Designer: Samuel Wilkinson
Brand: Zero Lighting
Contact: [email protected]

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