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Rail by K-Array

Rail by K-array is an LED lighting strip with built-in speakers

Dezeen Showroom: Italian audio manufacturer K-array is launching Rail, a strip of overhead lighting with tiny inbuilt speakers.

Rail is the first product developed by K-array's new KSCAPE division, which was set up to create "out of the box" audio solutions.

Rail by K-Array
The lighting design includes speakers

The 1.2-metre-long track of LED lights contains full cone speakers – the smallest ever offered by K-array.

Rail's LEDs are sourced from renowned Japanese manufacturer Nichia.

Rail by K-Array
The speakers are the smallest ever made by K-array

"KSCAPE embodies our relentless quest to push the limits 
of possibility – in design, in performance, in breadth of functionality," said K-array CEO Alessandro Tatini.

"To give designers solutions to their endless creativity and rediscover the true potential of sound in everyday life."

Product: Rail
Brand: K-array
Contact: [email protected]

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Rail by K-Array
Rail by K-Array
Rail by K-Array
Rail by K-Array