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LSA's Christmas gift guide features 15 contemporary glassware designs

Dezeen promotion: Dezeen has teamed up with glassware brand LSA to curate a gift guide for the festive season, featuring a decanter inspired by Battersea Power Station and vases designed in partnership with the Eden Project.

LSA Metropole Battersea Decanter

Metropole Battersea Decanter

Battersea Power Station was the inspiration for this glass decanter, making it the perfect gift for an architecture aficionado.

Each decanter is made from mouth-blown glass, with a stopper that has been ground by hand to precisely fit.

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LSA Metropole Five Mini Vase Set

Metropole Five Mini Vase Set

These vases also come from the Metropole collection, so share the same architectural shapes and proportions.

There are five in each set and they are designed to interlock.

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LSA Vessel Vase

Vessel Vase

Those with an eye for interior design will appreciate the warm golden tones of these vases, well suited to the earthy colour palettes that are currently in vogue.

The design also boasts a slim neck, allowing you to artfully display a few choice stems.

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LSA Wine Culture Wine Carafe

Wine Culture Wine Carafe

This modern take on the traditional wine decanter features a curvaceous form that makes it both elegant and functional.

To create this unique shape, the glass is mouth-blown by master glassblowers.

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LSA Bar Culture Balloon Glasses

Bar Culture Balloon Glasses

These balloon glasses demonstrate high levels of craft. Available in sets of two, they combine ultra-fine, flat-based bowls with extremely slender stems.

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LSA Celebrate Dual Champagne Bucket

Celebrate Dual Champagne Bucket

Designed to hold two bottles of champagne, this glass bucket is the gift with New Year's Eve in mind.

Thick walls make the design as durable as possible, meaning it can easily double as a fruit bowl or vase at other times of the year.

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LSA Champagne Theatre Saucers

Champagne Theatre Saucers

The sparkle of champagne is referenced in the design of this hand-crafted saucer (pictured left). A braided detail allows the stem to catch the light, just like champagne bubbles in the glass.

The saucers come in sets of two, so celebrations can be easily shared.

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LSA Canopy Self Watering Planter

Canopy Self Watering Planter

The Eden Project collaborated with LSA on the Canopy collection, a range of planters and vases designed with sustainability in mind.

Each piece is made entirely from recycled glass and designed to cultivate living plants rather than flower stems. This design is a self-watering planter, ideal for plants that like moist soil.

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LSA Canopy Trio Vase Set

Canopy Trio Vase Set

Also in the Canopy collection, this set of three small sculptural vases can be used for propagating plants and bulbs.

The shapes reference the domed forms of the Eden Project biospheres and are blown from recycled glass.

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LSA Boris Whiskey Set

Boris Whiskey Set

Designed especially for whisky, this decanter and tumblers set features heavy-bottomed glass, giving an enjoyable weight to the design.

Perfectly straight sides contrast with the gently curved interior of the vessels, giving them a clean contemporary feel.

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LSA Vodka Shot Glasses

Vodka Shot Glasses

The architecture and graphic design of the Eastern Bloc informed the chunky geometric shapes of these vodka glasses.

They come as a pair of opposites that tesselate together – one has an extra-wide base, while the other is top heavy.

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LSA Bar Culture Cocktail Glasses

Bar Culture Cocktail Glasses

A softer version of the classic Martini glass, this design (pictured centre) makes a great gift for those who like their cocktails straight up with a twist.

Available in a set of two, the glass has a fire-polished rim to give it an exceptionally smooth finish.

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LSA Umberto Vase

Umberto Vase

Antique apothecary jars were the inspiration behind the Umberto collection, a series of glass vases with soft cube-like forms.

These designs are made using scissor-cutting, a precise technique for shaping the overhanging rim. The hand techniques used in the manufacturing process ensure that no piece is identical.

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LSA Lotta Vase

Lotta Vase

It doesn't have to be all about glass. This streamlined vase features a wooden base, made from sustainable FSC-certified ash wood.

The natural, irregular grain of the wood creates an attractive counterpoint to the simple cylindrical form of the glass above.

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LSA Void Oil/Vinegar Bottle and Cork Stopper

Void Oil/Vinegar Bottle and Cork Stopper

Those who like spending their time in the kitchen might enjoy this glass bottle, designed to hold oils or vinegars.

A hand-shaped hole in the centre create a natural holding point, making it easy to pour over food.

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