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Orange Chispa lamp by Marset

Chispa lamp by Joan Gaspar for Marset

Dezeen Showroom: Barcelona lighting brand Marset has released the industrial Chispa lamp, which is shaped like a torch and can be hung like a pendant.

Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, the Chispa is portable, waterproof and rechargeable.

It features a gridded frame on top of a chunky base, which gives the light a torch-like silhouette and includes a cord hook that allows it to be dangled from walls or ceilings.

Chispa lamp by Marset and Cupra
Chispa lamp has been designed by Joan Gaspar for Marset

"Its warm, sophisticated light is designed to be a companion for outdoor spaces," said Marset.

"Its structure is protected by a grate that revolves around the diffuser while the base contains an in-built hanging hook."

Chispa lamp by Marset and Joan Gaspar
It has a hook in the base so that it can be hung

The light is available in either orange, blue or green and a special black version with copper details, designed in collaboration with the automotive brand Cupra.

Product: Chispa lamp
Brand: Marset
Contact: [email protected]

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