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Eclipse dining chair by Atelier de Troupe

Eclipse dining chair by Atelier de Troupe

Dezeen Showroom: the Eclipse dining chair is the latest addition to Californian design studio Atelier de Troupe's Dérive d'Été collection of furniture and lighting.

As with each item in the range, Eclipse incorporates an ellipse motif, which in this case curves around the chair to form both its backrest and arm supports.

Eclipse dining chair
The Eclipse dining chair forms part of the Dérive d'Été collection

This circular form is supported on four slender metal legs, with the front and back connected by a curved line on each side to create an ellipse-shaped base.

The chair's metal frame is available in either polished stainless steel or a satin black finish.

Eclipse dining chair by Atelier de Troupe
The chair is available in stainless steel or a satin black finish

According to the brand, its latest collection aims to evoke "the coastal cool of California summers".

"Every time, we kind of reinvent," said Atelier de Troupe's founder Gabriel Abraham. "At least for me, it starts with my background in film. You try and think of a whole set — where are you, what kind of house or space are you in – and then you create an environment around that story."

"This time we were thinking about endless summers in California, a 70s kind of vibe," he continued. "It started with this idea of a very communal life and living outside in the world."

Product: Eclipse dining chair
Brand: Atelier de Troupe
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