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Giroflex 313 by Paolo Fancelli for Flokk

Giroflex 313 chair by Paolo Fancelli for Flokk

Dezeen Showroom: industrial designer Paolo Fancelli has designed the versatile Giroflex 313 office chair for Swiss workplace furniture brand Giroflex, which is part of Flokk.

The Giroflex 313 is an adaptable chair that can be used by multiple people working in the same office, as it automatically adjusts to the needs of each user.

Giroflex 313 by Paolo Fancelli for Flokk
The Giroflex 313 is available on either a four-star or five-star base

"Today's working world is fluid," said Fancelli. "Boundaries are blurring, interfaces merging and systems are losing their clear definition."

"We have created the Giroflex 313 with these developments in mind," he continued.

"Based on a design platform that is reduced to the bare essentials, the chair is ideal for both desk work and conferences. Where multiple people use the same chair, the Giroflex 313 offers automatic self-adjustment while maintaining synchronisation."

Giroflex 313 by Paolo Fancelli for Flokk
The chair is designed to be versatile

The swivel chair is available with a five-star base for office environments and with a four-star base for use in conference rooms. Both versions incorporate Giroflex's patented Balance Move system, which helps to align the seat and the user for maximum comfort.

"Our especially developed Balance Move System ensures the right results every time. The seat and back align perfectly with the user's body weight," said Flokk.

"The only parameters requiring manual adjustment are the seat height and the locking mechanism when the chair is in an upright position."

The full Giroflex range, including the Giroflex 313 chair, is now available in the UK for the first time.

Product: Giroflex 313
Designer: Paolo Fancelli
Brand: Flokk
Contact: [email protected]

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