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Render of HP Designjet Studio Printer

HP DesignJet Studio is a piece of "furniture that prints"

Dezeen promotion: American technology company HP has developed a large-format plotter for architects and designers, which aims to be closer to a piece of furniture than a traditional printer.

Called the DesignJet Studio, it sits perched on a slim, white metal frame and features an integrated shelf, much like a console table. By making the printer an attractive and useful piece of furniture the brand believes that companies will place it centrally in offices rather than hiding it in back rooms.

Render of HP's large-format printer
The DesignJet Studio features a light wooden top that can be used as a work surface

Instead of a black plastic shell, the machine is finished with either a wooden or steel top, allowing it to blend easily into different, modern workspaces.

During the current pandemic, this also means it won't look out of place in a home office set-up and can complement residential environments.

Render of HP Designjet Studio Printer with wooden or steel top
It is available in 24-inch and 36-inch output sizes with either a wood or steel finish

The DesignJet Studio, and its corresponding mobile app, allows users to print documents straight from their phones while on the go.

Render of HP's large-format printer and mobile app
The printer can be operated via a mobile app

With the aim of minimising clutter, the fabric sling that acts as the output bin can be retracted into the printer when not in use while instructions for setting up the device are delivered not via a paper manual but via the mobile app. This focus on a simplistic set up removes confusing instructions making the DesignJet Studio easy to integrate with existing systems.

To simplify the printing of large formats and different file types, HP's Click software automatically nests different items to be printed on one sheet, optimises their orientation and checks PDFs for errors.

The application also supports collaboration between creative teams working in design and architecture studios. Who print various formats from CAD drawings to posters and roll-up banners on different paper sizes all in one go.

Render of HP Designjet Studio Printer in an office
The DesignJet Studio is designed to fit into modern office environments

The DesignJet Studio is the company's first net-carbon-neutral plotter – certified in accordance with The CarbonNeutral Protocol, which covers lifecycle emissions connected to raw material extraction, manufacturing, transportation, the use and finally disposal of the printers.

Taken together with its sleek design, this has earned the printer both a Good Design Award and a German Design Award Gold this year as well as a Spark Gold award and Interior Design Best of Year Honoree in the technology category.

To find out more about the DesignJet Studio, visit HP's website.

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