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A folded KIT desk by Spacestor

KIT desk by Spacestor

Dezeen Showroom: workspace furniture brand Spacestor has created a compact, foldable and portable desk called KIT, in a bid to help users work more comfortably from their own home.

KIT has a simple, cost-effective frame that can be assembled without tools "in less than 20 seconds".

Once it is no longer needed, it can be easily folded up and placed out of sight or transported between rooms with the help of a "slot carry handle" to give users a change of scene.

An assembled KIT desk by Spacestor
Above: KIT is designed with a deliberately simple frame. Top image: it can be folded for storage or transportation

KIT is made up of a lacquered plywood top and steel frame, which according to Spacestor creates a "Californian, mid-century" aesthetic suited to a wide range of spaces.

The worktop is fitted with a built-in cupholder, phone dock and pen groove, while a bag hook is attached to the underside.

An assembled KIT desk by Spacestor
It comprises a plywood surface and steel-framed legs

KIT was designed in response to the coronavirus pandemic, which has forced many people to work remotely and create makeshift, inadequate offices in their homes.

"Over the past few months, we've undertaken a revolutionary global experiment in remote working and many people have been living with makeshift workstations all the while," explained Spacestor's managing director Nic Baxter.

The phone holder of a KIT desk by Spacestor
A phone holder is among its useful accessories

"Our goal with KIT was to improve the work-from-home experience by helping remote workers shift from coping to actually choosing and creating a more productive environment for themselves," Baxter said.

"We've designed a solution that empowers the user to choose their preferred work setting at any given moment, whether it's in a living room or on the terrace."

Product: KIT
Brand: Spacestor
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A cup holder of a KIT desk by Spacestor
A pen holder of a KIT desk by Spacestor
A folded KIT desk by Spacestor
An assembled KIT desk by Spacestor
An assembled KIT desk by Spacestor