Leaf pendant light by Green Furniture Concept

Leaf lamp by Green Furniture Concept

Dezeen Showroom: Swedish brand Green Furniture Concept has developed a pendant light that resembles a cluster of floating leaves and doubles up as a sound absorber.

The Leaf lamp is made entirely from natural materials and is designed to emulate "organic and harmonic elements found in nature".

It features a frame made of reclaimed wooden dowels, onto which a flurry of circular, woollen panels are fixed to suggest the leaves of a tree.

Leaf lamp by Green Furniture Concept
The Leaf lamp is designed to resemble foliage

These wool appliques help to absorb sounds, while light from a warm-toned LED at the centre is gently filtered through the foliage.

The light is also available as an entire tree with a real Swedish birch trunk for a stand.

No glue is needed to hold the design together, and it can be assembled entirely at home through a simple click-together mechanism.

This allows individual parts to be exchanged or repaired, extending the lifespan of the product.

Leaf lamp assembly kit by Green Furniture Concept
It can be assembled at home using a click-together mechanism

With more than 60 different colours to choose from, the leaves can also be changed to match different seasons or styles.

"If you look at interior design, the main reason people buy new furniture is not because it is worn out but because trends are changing constantly," said Jonas Ekholst, head of design at Green Furniture Concept.

"The design of the Leaf Lamp is timeless and the possibility of changing broken parts and updating colours makes it sustainable and keeps it up to date for decades."

Product: Leaf pendant light
Brand: Green Furniture Concept
Contact: [email protected]

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