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Ozz Floor lamp by Miniforms

Ozz lamps by Paolo Cappello and Simone Sabatti for Miniforms

Dezeen Showroom: designers Paolo Cappello and Simone Sabatti have created the arched Ozz range of lamps for Italian furniture brand Miniforms.

The duo created the original Ozz lamp to combine an intimate light with a functional table. This idea is realised with the help of a black metal frame, shaped almost like a tuning fork, which allows the lamp to hang directly over the small ash wood table.

Ozz lamp
Top: the light is available as a floor lamp. Above: the original Ozz lamp can be used as a bedside table

"The goal was to design a product, where two different functionalities could coexist in a unique shape," explained the designers.

"Ozz looks like something that could stay with us for a long time – think about it as your new buddy. The illumination towards the wood surface is here to accommodate the necessities: a pair of reading glasses, a book, a drink, everything that has value for us."

Since it is available in both a large and small version, the design can be used in a living room or as a bedside table.

Ozz Floor
Ozz Floor is supported by a concrete base

Following the Ozz lamp, Cappello and Sabatti developed two further designs for Miniforms – the Ozz Floor and Ozz Wall lights.

Taking its shape from the original light, the floor lamp features a large, arched metal stand, counterbalanced by a 40-kilogram column of concrete that doubles up as a side table.

"It shifts from shy domesticity to become central to the home, proving itself a key figure with its large, look-at-me arc," said the brand.

Ozz Wall
The Ozz Wall lamp can be used to light a table

The final piece of the collection is the wall lamp, which also has an exaggerated curved form.

"Ozz Wall is a winner at the dining table, where it becomes a wall lamp," said the brand. "The arc becomes shorter and it rotates with just one hand. The lampshade is adjustable, too, for exploiting the light even in the darkest study."

Product: Ozz lights
Designer: Paolo Cappello and Simone Sabatti
Brand: Miniforms
Contact: [email protected]

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