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Babila by Marco Zanuso Jr. for Marset

Babila outdoor light by Marco Zanuso Jr. for Marset

Dezeen Showroom: Babila is an outdoor lamp and mirror hybrid that was originally created by architect Marco Zanuso Jr. for his own studio and is now being released by Barcelona lighting brand Marset.

Zanuso Jr. designed the Babila lamp as an "object of light" for both the internal and external areas of his practice in Milan.

Outdoor light Babila by Marco Zanuso Jr. for Marset
Babila is a both a mirror and a light

The outdoor sconce is made from chrome-plated aluminium and also function as a mirror.

"The initial idea was to create an object that produces a pleasant indirect light and can reflect the changing sunlight during the day – the passage of clouds and nature – and at the same time emit artificial light when the natural light is gone," Zanuso Jr. explained.

The Babila light is now produced by Marset and described by the brand as a beautiful, attention-drawing object, rather than simply an architectural element.

Different versions of Babila by Marco Zanuso Jr. for Marset
The wall sconce comes in three colours and two sizes

The product is available in two sizes and three colours: a shiny chrome version as well as more muted ones varnished in brown and white.

Its curved, mirrored shade creates an aura of soft light, which Zanuso Jr. says integrates well into outdoor spaces.

"Outdoor light should always be combined with natural light, this mix is very important and often not considered enough," he explained.

Product: Babila light
Designer: Marco Zanuso Jr.
Contact: [email protected]

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Babila by Marco Zanuso Jr. for Marset
Babila by Marco Zanuso Jr. for Marset