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Lines by Bernadotte & Kylberg for NJRD

Lines tableware collection by NJRD

Dezeen Showroom: Swedish design duo Bernadotte & Kylberg has created Lines, a tableware collection made from Vitro porcelain, for their new lifestyle brand NJRD.

The Lines range has a contemporary, minimal feel and combines two different glazes, which serve both an aesthetic and a practical purpose.

Lines by Bernadotte & Kylberg for NJRD
Lines combines two types of glaze

Many of the pieces are glossy on the inside and matte on the outside, in a bid to create what NJRD calls "tactile, visual experiences".

Defined grooves around the exterior of bowls and jugs, as well as along the rim of plates, create comfortable places to grip the objects and make them interesting to look at.

Lines by Bernadotte & Kylberg for NJRD
Bernadotte & Kylberg designed the range for new lifestyle brand NJRD

Bernadotte & Kylberg chose Vitro porcelain for its durability and rendered it in four different colours, all taken from Scandinavian nature.

The design duo co-founded NJRD together with Scandinavian online shop NordicNest. Bernadotte & Kylberg is Carl Philip Bernadotte, a Swedish prince, and Oscar Kylberg.

Product: Lines
Designer: Bernadotte & Kylberg
Brand: NJRD
Contact: [email protected]

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Lines by Bernadotte & Kylberg for NJRD
Lines by Bernadotte & Kylberg for NJRD