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Tamar Wand pendant lights by Shakúff

Shakúff designs blown-glass Tamar Wand pendant light

Dezeen Showroom: Brooklyn-based design and manufacturing studio Shakúff has released the Tamar Wand light, which features a tubular shade wrapped in strings of blown glass.

The Tamar Wand pendant is made by glassblowers, who stretch borosilicate glass very thinly before swirling it around the outside of a glass tube. This creates an unusual drizzled texture that catches the eye.

"I am constantly in awe of the act of glassblowing itself, the mesmerising cycle of blowing, melting and reshaping," creative director Joseph Sidof said. "The name for the Tamar Wand is a playful nod to the magic of this process."

Tamar Wand pendant lights by Shakúff
The linear pendant features thinly-blown glass wrapped around a glass tube

The light, which is an update of Shakúff's Tamar pendant, is illuminated by internal LED strips, connected via a stainless-steel rod that also serves to cool them.

The aim of the project was to use an ancestral technique like glass-blowing to create a product that would suit modern, linear spaces.

Brushed brass or chrome detailing adds to the contemporary feel of the design.

Product: Tamar Wand
Brand: Shakúff
Contact address: [email protected]

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Tamar Wand pendant lights by Shakúff
Tamar Wand pendant lights by Shakúff