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Volar Bio leather by Ultrafabrics

Ultrafabrics releases six new Volar Bio colours

Dezeen Showroom: performance fabric manufacturer Ultrafabrics has launched six new colours for its bio-based animal hide alternative Volar Bio.

Volar Bio is made from 29 per cent plant-based materials, such as wood pulp and corn by-products, and designed to look and feel like leather.

All six new colours Volar Bio by Ultrafabrics
Volar Bio's six new colours are inspired by the earth

"The six new tones were added in response to customer feedback," said Nicole Meier, Ultrafabrics' director of branding.

"There was a need for neutrals to round out the palette, and adding these six new tones brings a full spectrum of fifteen beautiful options," she added.

"The new hues come from biophilic inspiration – elements from the earth such as soil, sand, dirt – and it completes the colours that are inspired by plants and other organic dye sources."

Volar Bio by Ultrafabrics
The material is made from wood pulp and corn byproducts

Made in Japan, Volar Bio is designed to be used for anything from furniture to surfaces in retail, commercial or healthcare settings, and is able to withstand bleach and other cleaning fluids.

Product: Volar Bio
Brand: Ultrafabrics
Contact: [email protected]

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Volar Bio by Ultrafabrics
Volar Bio by Ultrafabrics
Volar Bio by Ultrafabrics
Volar Bio by Ultrafabrics
Volar Bio by Ultrafabrics