Open Cobra Scorpius by Martinelli Luce

Cobra Scorpius light by Martinelli Luce

Dezeen Showroom: Italian lighting brand Martinelli Luce has released Cobra Scorpius, a star-strewn, updated version of its Cobra table lamp that was designed by the brand's founder Elio Martinelli in 1968.

Simple lines and a circular geometric shape characterise the Cobra, which was one of the first lighting fixtures to be produced using a special resin moulding system.

Closed Cobra Scorpius by Martinelli Luce
The star-strewn Cobra Scorpius

Described by Martinelli Luce as "a cosmic Cobra! Scorpio crossed by the Milky Way," this version of the light features small openings that appear like a galaxy of stars strewn across its top.

The lower part of the Cobra is connected to the upper by a steel base that can be rotated 360 degrees. This rotation means the upper part of the body moves away from the lower, like a cobra ready to strike, and is what gave the lamp its name.

Closed Cobra light by Martinelli Luce
The light is based on Elio Martinelli's design from 1968

The Cobra Scorpius is made in a dark-blue resin with an interior reflector made from white-painted aluminium.

This latest version of Elio Martinelli's original light was designed by Emiliana Martinelli, who is head of the company today.

Product: Cobra Scorpius
Designer: Emiliana Martinelli
Brand: Martinelli Luce
Contact: [email protected]

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