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A living room with the Split partition wall

Split partition wall system by IOC Project Partners

Dezeen Showroom: Split is a demountable partition wall system by IOC Project Partners that is designed to be easily installed and helps users create private spaces even in busy work areas.

The Italian office furniture brand envisioned the glazed room divider to be light and minimal, with thin aluminium frames helping to underline Split's clean look.

The system can be used to create private space for a variety of uses, from setting up a new meeting room to dividing an open-plan office into designated areas for different teams.

Split partition wall by IOC Project Partners
The Split partition wall has a clean, minimalist look

As well as the partitions, the Split system also includes matching accessories such as room schedulers, pull handles, locks, plugs and switches.

The height of the glass, doors and jambs can be optimised to make installation easier, and users can also choose between having the aluminium panels anodised, painted or veneered.

Split is available in a single or double-glazed version while coloured and patterned glass can be used to add a decorative effect to the workplace.

Product: Split demountable partition wall
Brand: IOC Project Partners
Contact: [email protected]

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