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Giovanni Barbieri's Squar(e) tiles in grey

Squar(e) tiles by Giovanni Barbieri

Dezeen Showroom: Giovanni Barbieri's Squar(e) collection combines irregular mosaic and standard ceramic tiles that can be used to create customised 3D wall finishes.

The tiles from the Vicenza-based designer come in nine different variations, which can be paired in many different ways to create textural juxtapositions.

A white 3D-tiled bathroom wall
The tiles can be used to create 3D patterns in specific areas

Depending on the project, users can choose whether they want to keep the wall design flat or use a selection of different tiles together to create interesting, three-dimensional textures.

The Squar(e) tiles also enable users to create surfaces that change from flat to raised, with tiles of one uniform shape merging seamlessly into a pattern composed of many different shapes.

Variation of textured tiles in brown and dark grey
Mixing and matching the different tiles creates unexpected patterns

Mixing and matching the tiles allows interior designers to delineate different spaces in an interior or to create a design that blossoms out into a 3D-wall in just one specific area.

"The Squar(e) collection aims to give designers a budget-friendly way of creating artistic installations, which progress from flat and square to an irregular relief using a single product," Barbieri explained.

Product: Squar(e) tiles
Brand: Giovanni Barbieri
Contact: [email protected]

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Dark grey tiles with white grouting
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