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A red marble-look carpet in a brick building

Terra textile flooring by Adrian Alexander for Talk Carpet

Dezeen Showroom: African landscapes inform the abstract patterns that adorn the Terra textile flooring collection, created by Adrian Alexander for Talk Carpet.

The Terra range, developed by Talk Carpet's creative director Alexander, features rugs and carpet tiles that are intended to give the feeling of observing scenery from the air.

A marble-look carpet in a brick building
Above: Terra flooring references African landscapes. Top image: the designs are intended to emulate birds-eye views of scenery

"With the Terra collection, creative director Adrien Alexander invites you to the never-ending horizons of Africa in a hot air balloon," explained the New York brand.

"Being on top of the world, looking down, the inspiration for the Terra Collection came to Adrien Alexander and he translated the sheer beauty of the African continent into nine textile flooring designs."

A marble-look blue carpet
Blue is one of nine colour finishes available

The organic, marbled look and textured finish of the textiles are achieved using a multi-level loop pile weaving technique.

They can be made with nine different colour finishes, ranging from red-hues that mimic dry savannahs to cooler blue shades that pay homage to the continent's salt lakes. All of them are available as a rug or in carpet tiles.

Sustainability also plays a key role in the Terra collection, with each product made from Econyl – a yarn made from reclaimed and recycled fishing nets. The carpet tiles are also complete with PVC-free backing, created from recycled water bottles.

Product: Terra
Designer: Adrian Alexander
Brand: Talk Carpet
Contact: [email protected]

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