An office with a Residence Connect booth by Spacestor

Residence Connect video pods by Spacestor

Dezeen Showroom: Residence Connect is a single-person video booth created by workspace furniture brand Spacestor to support private video conferencing in open-plan offices.

Residence Connect incorporates an adjustable desk, monitor and acoustic insulation to create what Spacestor calls the "ultimate virtual meeting experience".

An office with a private booth
Residence Connect pods offer privacy in open-plan offices

The booth was developed in response to the rising popularity of video conferencing, which has led to a demand for greater privacy and acoustic control in offices.

Spacestor hopes the pod will help increase capacity and room availability in busy workplaces and allow employees to carry out video calls without distractions.

They can be combined into rows

"We all have a new emerging challenge as we gradually return to our workplaces," said Nic Baxter, managing director at Spacestor.

"It's no longer video conferences where everyone's at home but a blended or hybrid situation where some are now back in the office," Baxter continued.

"Electronic noise and half-conversations are very distracting for nearby colleagues and of course some meetings need to be completely private, too. Residence Connect meets all these needs, comfortably."

A visual of an adjustable desk and monitor
The pods feature an adjustable desk and monitor

Occupants can personalise the Residence Connect booth by adjusting light levels and airflow alongside the height of the desk and monitor to support both seated and standing positions.

Each unit is also designed to be easily accessible, with a level threshold, wide entrance and push-button door opener for wheelchair users.

The control panel of a Residence Connect booth
There are also controls to personalise light and airflow levels

Residence Connect is available as a single unit or can be arranged in a row.

These can be finished in various wooden and coloured exteriors, alongside Kvadrat and Camira textile upholstery. The glass panels in the doors are also available in a matt finish for added privacy.

Product: Residence Connect
Brand: Spacestor
Contact: [email protected]

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The control panel of a Residence Connect booth
The desk of a Residence Connect booth
A Residence Connect booth by Spacestor
A Residence Connect booth by Spacestor