Loop lounge chair by David Girelli for Wewood

Dezeen Showroom: a tubular backrest that wraps around the sitter characterises this lounge chair, which Swiss designer David Girelli has created for Portuguese heritage manufacturer Wewood.

The Loop lounge chair is the first piece designed by Girelli for Wewood, and takes cues from the modernist furniture produced during the mid-20th century.

The lounge chair sits by a staircase
Top: Green Loop lounge chairs by David Girelli for Wewood. Above: the lounge chair is inspired by mid-century modern furniture

Its most distinguishable feature is a large, upholstered tube that curves and tilts to form the back and arm rests. Wrapped in matching upholstery, the seat cushion also has rounded edges and a deep profile.

These chunky elements are juxtaposed by a slender Nordic-style frame and solid wood legs, constructed using traditional joinery techniques.

Blue upholstered chair on parquet flooring by David Girelli
The chair can be upholstered in a variety of fabric choices

"It is generous in size but has a light visual impact," said a statement from the brand. "It is balanced by the contrast between wood and upholstery that is both playful and elegant. Loop was designed with the desire to embrace the shape of the body of the user, and it's an invitation to sit, lie, rest, and relax."

Loop is available in a variety of colours, woods and upholstery options, allowing users to tailor the chair to their interior space.

Product: Loop lounge chair
Designer: David Girelli
Brand: Wewood - Portuguese Joinery
Contact: [email protected]

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