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Layered rug with additional pieces floating over the top

Petite rug collection by Layered

Dezeen Showroom: Swedish design brand Layered has launched Petite, a collection of rugs that is meant to be played with, changed and customised.

The Petite collection encompasses two different rectangular rugs and a selection of small, tufted pieces that can be layered on top and moved around by the user as they see fit.

Lilac Playground rug from Petite collection by Layered
Small tufted pieces can be added to the Petit collection's rectangular base rugs

Layered drew on the visual language of children's design to create a collection that is "exploratory, playful and tactile".

"The idea of ​​the collection is to create rugs that not only fulfil their purpose as an interior detail but can also give joy, inspiration and creativity," the brand explained.

"The concept behind the collection arose as a counterreaction to the constantly connected world we live in. With the design, we want to encourage a more tactile and present approach."

Playground and Canvas rugs from the Petite collection
The collection includes the lilac Playground and blue-green Canvas rugs

The name Petite refers both to the small format of the tufted pieces and to the size of the collection, which only includes two base rugs – the lilac-coloured Playground and blue-green Canvas version.

Both designs are made of hand-tufted wool with a medium-high pile.

Product: Petite collection
Brand: Layered
Contact: [email protected]

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