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Tobias Grau creates minimalist Team office lamps

Dezeen promotion: German designer Tobias Grau has launched a range of fully automatic, minimalist lamps for office spaces and home working.

Named Team, the collection of five aluminium lamps was designed to be a complete lighting solution for contemporary offices.

"Team is designed as a team and for teams," said Timon and Melchior Grau, creative directors at Tobias Grau.

"We set out to create the perfect lighting for the entire workplace — a truly comprehensive solution in design quality, efficiency, and wellbeing."

TEAM lamps
Top: Tobias Grau has created a range of Team lamps including the Team One. Above: Team Home lamp

Each of the five lamps has a coherent aesthetic and can be combined to illuminate any workplace set up, from home offices to large co-working spaces and open-plan offices.

The sleek and structural lamps have gently rounded edges and matte, powder-coated surfacing. The forms were designed to create a calm, de-cluttered workspace.

Team Four
Team Four is designed to illuminate four desks

The collection includes five different-shaped lamps that offer illumination for a wide variety of workspaces.

Team One is a desk lamp designed for individual use that has a lightweight form and bespoke clamp making it ideal for hot-desking schemes.

Standing lamps Team Two and Team Four are designed to illuminate double and four-person desks respectively.

Team Two
The Team Two office lamp

The final office lamp is the Team Suspension light that is designed to be hung above workstations, meeting tables, foyer areas, canteen, breakout, or conference spaces.

Alongside the four office lamps, is Team Home, a professional home office lamp that can be attached to any surface in seconds with a clamp.

Team Suspension
Team Suspension can be used to illuminate desk spaces and communal areas

Each lamp contains hundreds of LEDs behind angled lenses to provide optimum lighting conditions across the whole desk.

"With Team, we've taken the colour rendering and design quality standards that are the norm in superior home lighting and transported them into the workplace," said Timon and Melchior Grau.

"As fluidity between home and the office becomes ever more of a norm, we want to create the same sustainable and healthy light in both environments."

Integrated sensors
All lamps include integrated sensors

Designed to form an interconnected network every lamp includes fully integrated advanced motion and light sensors. This enables smart light management within the office environment.

All Team lamps are designed and manufactured in Germany by Tobias Grau. Find out more about Team on Tobias Grau's website.

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