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Lifestyle shot of the HÅG Capisco Puls limited edition chair by Flokk

HÅG Capisco Puls limited-edition chair by Flokk

Dezeen Showroom: this special-edition HÅG Capisco Puls from furniture makers Flokk is a chair made from recycled plastic sourced from discarded bits of snowploughs.

Originally designed in 1984 by Norwegian designer Peter Opsvik, the HÅG Capisco Puls is designed to hold the occupant in the upright and mobile posture of a horseback rider.

HÅG Capisco Puls limited editions
Snowplough markers have been turned into the HÅG Capisco Puls

Flokk has released a limited-edition run of 200 of the chairs made from recycled plastic gathered from snowplough markers – the brightly coloured plastic poles used to signal to the driver where the edge of the machine's blade is positioned.

A collaboration with Nordic research institute SINTEF led to an experiment to turn the discarded plastic objects into chairs.

HÅG Capisco Puls by Flokk
Its shape is designed to emulate a horseback rider's seat

"We are living through a global trash crisis driven by mass consumption," said Flokk vice president of sustainability Atle Thiis-Messel.

"As one of Europe's leading furniture manufacturers, our team of environmental experts and designers must be inspired to use waste around them as a resource to create beautiful long-lasting products."

Detail of limited edition HÅG Capisco Puls
The chair sits on an aluminium base

The limited-edition HÅG Capisco Puls comes in a deep auburn colour produced by the mixed recycled plastic.

Two versions are available: one with a white aluminium base and seat cushion fabric Bardal 620 by GU; one with a black base upholstered in Rondo 61205 by Gabriel.

Each chair comes with an edition number and a certificate of authenticity.

Product: HÅG Capisco Puls
Brand: Flokk
Contact: [email protected]

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