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Orange sphere bowl by Milena Kling for Studio Hausen

Sphere Bowls by Milena Kling for Studio Hausen

Dezeen Showroom: Berlin glass designer Milena Kling has created a collection of tableware called Sphere Bowls for German homeware label Studio Hausen.

Studio Hausen founder Jörg Höltje was visiting Kling, his longtime friend, in her studio when he spotted prototypes of the colourful glass bowls.

Milena Kling glass bowls for Studio Hausen
Sphere by Milena Kling is available in three sizes

The final family of Sphere Bowls, available in three sizes and six colourways, was designed collaboratively based on these early iterations.

Each piece is mouth-blown at 1,000 degrees Celsius by master glassmakers in the Czech Republic and rests on a different coloured stand to create a subtle gradient.

Close up of Milena Kling glass bowls
The bowls come with contrasting coloured stands

"Designed by Studio Milena Kling to give space for the fruits of nature as well as flowers and everyday goods, each object in the Sphere family is composed of two interacting parts and a finely balanced selection of colour tones," said Studio Hausen.

"Milena's composition of hues draws inspiration from the bold palette of nature."

Photography is by Anna Cor.

Product: Sphere Bowls
Designer: Milena Kling
Brand: Studio Hausen
Contact: [email protected]

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