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Frank Gehry's twisted Luma Arles tower set to open in June

Commenter says Frank Gehry's Luma Arles arts tower is "exciting, daring and brave"

In this week's comments update, readers are debating the Luma Arles arts tower by Frank Gehry and sharing their views on other top stories.

The Luma Foundation has released the latest set of images of the Luma Arles arts centre, which is nearing completion in southern France.

The centrepiece of the arts centre is a 56-metre-high tower designed by Pritzker Prize-winning architect Frank Gehry.

Due to open on 26 June 2021, the aluminium-clad Luma Arles arts tower was designed by Gehry to evoke Van Gogh's Starry Night painting.

"The best ad for classical architecture I've seen in a while"

Readers are divided. "A chunky piece of glistening silvery art goodness," said Puzzello on one hand.

Colonel Pancake felt differently: "The best ad for classical architecture I've seen in a while."

"I guess I am the only one that doesn't hate it?" replied Miles Teg. "I mean, look at how it reflects sunlight in the second photo. It is exciting, daring and brave! It is quite grotesque and ugly, and it's great because of it. Since when did architecture have to be beautiful?"

"It's easy to write mean stuff about Gehry's work, but I genuinely can't understand how this managed to get to the stage of being built," concluded Zea Newland. "The shape is just random and not in a wild, exciting or untamed way. It's just disappointing."

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Voyager Station space hotel
First space hotel set to open in 2027

"Looks like a waste of space" says reader

Commenters are critiquing the Gateway Foundation's plans to build the first hotel in space, which is set to open in 2027.

"'Construction for the first space hotel will begin in 2026, with the first visitors arriving in 2027?' You couldn't build a Holiday Inn in Poughkeepsie that fast," said Piano Doug.

John D Simmons continued: "Based on many of the readers' comments, it looks like this is a waste of space. Pun intended."

"It's all fun and games until someone gets gastroenteritis," concluded Dr Lucien Sanchez.

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Tommy Cash wearing his bespoke Adidas Superstar trainers
Adidas creates "longest shoe in the world" for rapper Tommy Cash

"How long does it take him to run a marathon in those?" asks commenter

Readers are amused by a metre-long version of Adidas' classic Superstar trainers, which the brand created as a one-off design for Estonian musician Tommy Cash.

"Sideshow Bob called..." said Logomisia.

"Wow," continued Lukas. "But why not beige to make it look like you've got crispy baguettes instead of feet? Would make more sense to me."

"How long does it take to run a marathon in those?" asked Aigoual.

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Academy Museum of Motion Pictures by Renzo Piano
Renzo Piano completes Academy Museum of Motion Pictures in Los Angeles

"The form and spirit of this project feels inherently LA" says reader

Commenters are discussing the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures in Los Angeles, which Renzo Piano has recently completed. The Italian architect added a concrete and glass sphere to a 1930s building.

"Bravo!" said John Me Waters. "The form and spirit of this project feels inherently LA."

Masus Trillo agreed: "Bravo Renzo Piano. This project is even better in execution than it was in the design stages. It is brilliant, beautiful, straight-forward and unpretentious."

"I locked on to the entry corner's golden cylinder as an 'homage' to the Capitol Records' iconic building. Downtown, eh... anyone else?" asked Greg Pavell. "Renzo P. proves over and over why he gets museum commissions... he's just damn good!"

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