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An office featuring two desks and chairs with mesh backrests by Flokk

AccisPro office chair by ITO Design for Profim

Dezeen Showroom: Flokk-owned brand Profim has launched AccisPro, an ergonomic office chair by ITO Design that responds and adapts to the movements of its occupant.

AccisPro was developed to facilitate active sitting, meaning the user is free to move while being supported by the chair, which helps to prevent spinal strain.

This is possible as both the seat and backrest are engineered to move independently from each other in response to different sitting positions.

A grey office interior with a white office chair
AccisPro is designed to support "active sitting"

"AccisPro is a chair for those people who care about keeping a healthy position while sitting," explained Flokk.

"Both the seat and the backrest adapt to the user's body movements so as not to burden the spine."

An ergonomic office chair with a mesh backrest
The chairs have a mesh back and five-star base

AccisPro's contemporary but ergonomic design combines a tall mesh backrest with an upholstered seat and five-star base.

The upholstered seat is available in a number of different colours and materials, while the base can be made in chrome or in plastic with a black, white or light grey finish.

An office chair with a mesh backrest and blue seat
Various materials are available for the upholstered seat

AccisPro's movements rely on Profim's patented SmartHPS system, which allows the seat and backrest to shift from side to side while the seat can tilt or slide forwards.

These mechanisms can also be locked in a preferred position or easily returned to their original positions using levers at the base of the chair.

Product: AccisPro
Brand: Profim – a Flokk brand
Contact: [email protected]

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