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Corvetto side table by Raffaella Mangiarotti for IOC Project Partners

Corvetto side table by Raffaella Mangiarotti for IOC Project Partners

Dezeen Showroom: Milan-based designer Raffaella Mangiarotti has created a decorative yet functional side table for working from home for office furniture brand IOC Project Partners.

Called Corvetto, the table is designed for use as a laptop stand while avoiding the overly technical look usually reserved for this kind of product.

The design is simple and minimalistic
Corvetto has a rounded metallic base

"I thought that in my house to work I would need a functional and aesthetic table – useful when you work on the sofa with your PC, even when you want to have a coffee," Mangiarotti said.

"I don't like technical PC tables near the sofa, I find them out of place. I wanted one that was functional but with a domestic and elegant aesthetic."

Table is pictured amongst furniture by Raffaella Mangiarotti
The design can be tucked under chairs

The table has a flat, oblong base that allows it to be tucked under any kind of sofa to bring it closer to the user.

Corvetto's base and pole come in brass or chromed steel while the tabletop is available in marble or black-lacquered glass.

Product: Corvetto
Designer: Raffaella Mangiarotti
Brand: IOC Project Partners
Contact: [email protected]

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It can be used over a chair
It has a lacquered top
It has a minimal yet functional design