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An arrangement of triangular acoustic panels

Jasmine acoustic panels by Layla Mehdi Pour for Offecct

Dezeen Showroom: product designer Layla Mehdi Pour took cues from nature when creating the geometric Jasmine acoustic panels for Flokk-owned brand Offecct.

The Jasmine acoustic panels are part of Offecct's wider range of sound-absorbing wall coverings, called Soundwave.

Like the rest of the Soundwave collection, Jasmine can be mounted on the walls of open spaces to help reduce noise while doubling as decoration.

A group of white geometric acoustic panels
The Jasmine acoustic panels are designed to reduce noise

The Jasmine panels are triangular and available in three different colours: black, grey and off-white.

Their shape allows users to combine them in symmetrical compositions or in more playful, unbalanced arrangements. According to Pour, this is a reference to "nature's interplay between order and irregularity".

A triangular acoustic panel in black
Black is one of three colour finishes

"When I designed Jasmine, I was inspired by natural elements that may seem irregular in their macro form but in the detail have a wonderful precision and regular structure," explained the product designer.

"I strived to capture nature's poetic rhythm and mix it with more geometric, triangular shapes that can be combined in different ways and create new expressions and compositions."

Product: Jasmine
Designer: Layla Mehdi Pour
Brand: Offecct
Contact: [email protected]

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An off-white acoustic panel by Offecct
A grey-coloured Jasmine acoustic panel by Offecct