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Lammhults relaunches Stockholm showroom to mark new creative direction

Dezeen promotion: Swedish furniture brand Lammhults has opened its redesigned flagship showroom designed by Atelier Paul Vaugoyeau in Stockholm, marking an evolution in its creative direction.

The redesigned showroom is hosting an installation designed by Stockholm-based design studio Atelier Paul Vaugoyeau titled Space Matters, which showcases three new seating collections, launched during Stockholm Design Week.

Display rooms in Lammhults showroom
Space Matters installations in the relaunched Lammhults showroom

Space Matters is also Lammhults' new tagline and the seating launches symbolise "a new evolution and creative direction" for the brand.

"Lammhults believe design has an increasingly important role to play in our highly evolving times," said the furniture makers.

"With Space Matters, the company seeks to evoke hope and to introduce new, sustainable and inspiring ways of understanding and using space."


The new collections are Sunny, Corso and Trioo. Sunny is a seating series designed by Note Design Studio in a collaboration with Swedish designer Gunilla Allard.

Swedish designer Peter Andersson created the Corso easy chair, and Trioo is a collection of chairs by Danish design duo Johannes Foersom and Peter Hiort-Lorenzen.

Corso by Peter Andersson
Corso by Peter Andersson in the new Lammhults showroom

Lammhults was motivated to design furniture suitable for Sweden's burgeoning start-up culture, creating flexible chairs for contemporary offices.

Set over two floors, the new showroom is designed to be similarly flexible. All the vignettes double as meeting spaces and client lounges.

Corso chairs by Lammhults
Corso chairs are displayed in three colourways, including a black leather version

Atelier Paul Vaugoyeau designed container-style room sets that can be easily redecorated to display future collections.

In the entrance, a set for the Corso by Peter Andersson collection has been designed to evoke "courtyard gardens from Southern Europe" with plants, oak trunks and oil lamps to set the scene.


Eight Corso chairs are displayed in three colourways, including black leather with a black frame.

From the entrance, visitors can explore a lounge furnished with Lammhults chairs and three more display rooms.

Sunny chair in Lammhults showroom
Sunny chair in a cedar-lined installation

Downstairs is a gallery-style space with two installations. To showcase Sunny, Atelier Paul Vaugoyeau created a "villa atmosphere", cladding the walls with planks of cedar and draped a light curtain across a window that enjoys natural daylight.

Two Sunny easy chairs upholstered in beige linen canvas are linked together to form a sofa sitting across from a third Sunny with cushions of bright yellow velvet.

Trioo chairs on display around a Funk table

Across the way, Trioo chairs are framed in a contemporary style room set, with the floor and walls rendered with concrete.

Atelier Paul Vaugoyeau imagined the space as a "corner of a modern, well-established architecture studio" with three Trioo armchairs clustered around a round Funk table, also by Johannes Foersom and Peter Hiort-Lorenzen.

Showroom by Atelier Paul Vaugoyeau
The Stockholm showroom is the brand's flagship

A green velvet pouffe sits against the wall. There is also an installation in the showroom that showcases Lammhults' sister brand Abstracta, which makes acoustic panel systems.

Founded in 1945 and headquartered in Lammhult, Sweden, Lammhults' products are designed to target the needs of contemporary living and working. With a history in modernism and over 75 years of experience in the furniture industry, Lammhults products can be found worldwide.

Previous designs by the brand include the Portus sofa system with high backrests and Add storage, a room divider screen that doubles as a magazine rack and plant stand, designed by Anya Sebton.

For more information about the brand and its new showroom, visit the website.

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