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KIDA by Stephen Burks for Dedon

KIDA hanging lounge chair by Stephen Burks for Dedon

Dezeen Showroom: American designer Stephen Burks has created a hanging lounge chair wrapped in colourful, weather-resistant rope for outdoor furniture brand Dedon.

Called KIDA, the outdoor chair consists of a lightweight but sturdy frame made of aluminium rods, which are curved to create a nest-like swinging structure.

Stephen Burks designed the chair
KIDA is a swinging chair

Each of these rods is wrapped in cords of a synthetic, weather-resistant material named Fibre Touch, which Dedon says is recyclable and non-toxic.

Featured on KIDA in three striped colourways, the fibre maintains a soft, tactile quality while being durable enough to withstand the elements.

The chair comes in three striped colour-ways
The outdoor seat is wrapped in a weather-resistant fibre

Fitted into the chair's cradle-like frame is a plush removable cushion that comes in a variety of colours.

According to Burks, KIDA was informed by a desire to reinvent the traditional hanging chair. His design is less enclosed due to its skeletal structure, allowing users to feel "as free as the breeze".

KIDA is a play on the traditional hanging chair
The chair comes with an integrated cushion

Dedon is renowned for its woven outdoor furniture, which is made using traditional Filipino craft techniques. The KIDA lounge chair is the company's first product to be wrapped rather than woven in its trademark fibre.

"The wrapping emphasises the geometry of the structure," Burks explained.

Product: KIDA
Designer: Stephen Burks
Brand: Dedon
Contact: [email protected]

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Stephen Burks designed the hanging chair
Stephen Burks designed KIDA for Dedon
Colourful fibres make up the chair
A close-up of KIDA's colourful fibres
KIDA by Dedon
Stephen Burks designed the chair