Fentress Global Challenge: airport of the future

Fentress Architects launches $15,000 competition to envision airport of the future

Dezeen promotion: the Fentress Global Challenge is inviting students to design an airport terminal for 2100.

Organised by US studio Fentress Architects, the 2021 Fentress Global Challenge (FGC) is looking to find "forward-thinking concepts for an airport of the future".

The eighth edition of the ideas contest invites students and recent graduates from architecture and engineering courses to design the concept for an airport terminal.

A Green Gateway
Top: A Green Gateway by Nikhil Bang and Kaushal Tatiya won last year's contest. The design transformed Indira Gandhi International Airport into a sustainable multimodal hub

"The Fentress Global Challenge is a great opportunity for young designers to bring broad ideas and creative perspectives to the table while spearheading innovation in airport terminal architecture," said FGC founder Curtis Fentress.

"We are excited to see how students push the limits of architectural design this year."

Fentress Global Challenge: airport of the future
Above: ATL Hartsfield Drive-In by Dušan Sekulic was awarded second last year

The future-focused terminals can either be envisioned as additions to an existing airport or designed from scratch to serve "as a catalyst for economic and social development".

"Entrants are encouraged to utilise forecasts for population, environmental conditions, modes of travel, and potential destinations in the creation of their concept," said the brief.

Each of the designs will be judged based on both its creative approach and response to the site, incorporating one of Fentress Architects' core design mantras: use context to create identity.

"Context is more than an intellectual consideration of the history or physical appearance of a neighbourhood, city, or state, and it's more than the way new will live with old," said the studio.

"Context draws on the senses, the sights, smells and memories that define a place and make it unique. Context grows from community, and people respond to it."

W.A.D, Floating Aero City
WAD, Floating Aero City was third in last year's design competition

The terminals will also be judged on how they approach sustainability, resiliency, functionality and how they incorporate innovative technology.

"The design should incorporate forward-looking innovations that improve the entire passenger experience, including efficiency, comfort, safety, health/wellbeing, sustainability, value, and entertainment/amenities," said the brief.

An overall winner of the contest will be awarded $15,000, with second place receiving $3,000 and third $2,000. An additional two "people's choice" winners will be awarded $1,000 each.

The deadline for submissions is October 1, with the shortlist set to be announced on November 1 and the winner on December 1.

For more information on the competition visit the Fentress Architects website.

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