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Manuel Herz Architects creates synagogue that opens like a pop-up book

"The whole thing feels quite magical" says commenter

In this week's comments update, readers are enchanted by a pop-up synagogue in Ukraine and sharing their views on other top stories.

Manuel Herz Architects has created the Babyn Yar Synagogue in Ukraine to mark the 80th anniversary of a massacre that took place during the Holocaust. 

The synagogue was built near Kyiv at the site of the Babyn Yar massacre, where around 34,000 Jews from the city were killed by the Nazi party in 1941.

The structure consists of two large walls that can be manually opened and closed like a pop-up book.

"A hopeful response"

Readers are in awe. "Thank you for showing this excellent project," said Sheldon Peskin.

"This is an excellent project," agreed Jacob Volanski. "A much more hopeful response than the typical monumental, expressionless structures that are often built to mark the site of a tragedy. How do we fight injustice and cruelty? By banding together, engaging in our world, and transforming it into a more just and beautiful version of itself."

Charlie Bing agreed: "The whole thing feels quite magical – the community has to come together to open the space."

"Amazing work!" concluded Ethan Lewis.

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The concrete exterior of the Cloudscape of Haikou
MAD completes amorphous concrete library in China

"Hobbit modernism" says reader

Commenters are intrigued by MAD's design for a library on the coast of the Chinese island of Hainan. Cloudscape of Haikou is cast in seamless white concrete.

"Hobbit modernism," said Heywood Floyd.

"Reminds me of interiors in The Neverhood game," continued Bruno Bru.

"You can't just simply walk past this building without doing a double take!" added BSL. "It's so uncanny it could be whatever one wants to make of it."

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Kith Paris courtyard with green wall
Snarkitecture adds Nike Air Max chandelier to Kith streetwear store in Parisian mansion

"Luxurious yet tacky" says commenter

Readers are divided over the interiors of Parisian mansion Pershing Hall, the new flagship store for streetwear brand Kith. The 19th-century building was reimagined by Snarkitecture and features a chandelier of Nike sneakers.

"Luxurious yet tacky," said Corporate Overlords.

"Hard not to screw up a big budget retail interior inside a beautiful 19th-century building," replied Lek. "But there's still some very nice interior flourishes here. I'm on board with the sneaker vault and the sneaker chandelier."

"Head explodes!" concluded Apsco Radiales. "Mansion indeed. Gorgeous."

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A guesthouse with a conical roof
ZJJZ Atelier references Chinese folktale to create The Mushroom guesthouse

"All architecture should be magical" says reader

Commenters are discussing The Mushroom guesthouse, which ZJJZ Atelier has built in a pine forest in Jiangxi, China. It features a conical roof covered in shingles caps.

"I think all architecture should be magical," said Ash Sangamneheri. "This certainly is magical. Well done to the team."

BGSA agreed: "Beautiful detailing and material choices."

"I find this to be a unique, beautiful and very appropriate response," added Archi. "Everything except how the columns meet the ground at those boxes."

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