IVC Commercial's Art Intervention

Art Intervention carpet tile collection by IVC Commercial

Dezeen Showroom: Belgian brand IVC Commercial's Art Intervention flooring collection has been updated with new colours and designs, and now has a palette of 32 colours.

Colours in the Art Intervention line vary from striking, bold hues, to more discrete and mellow pastels.

By giving users a number of colours to choose from, IVC Commercial aims to provide the tools for them to create adaptable floor layouts.

Colourful carpet tiles
Different-coloured carpet tiles can be combined to create playful designs

The brand's solid carpet tile, called Creative Spark, comes in the full colour palette of 32 hues. This can be complemented by the Expansion Point range, which features a duo-tone pinstripe design in 12 colourways.

Another duo-tone option, Blurred Edge, has a linear design with 10 colour combinations in earthy, organic tones.

All the carpet tiles are made from solution-dyed nylon, and combining the three types together can help create different routes and zones on the floor.

Grey, purple and orange carpet tiles
Juxtaposing different types of tiles can create practical zones

"From earthy organics and sophisticated neutrals that make an excellent base reference through to bright colours that are ideal as accents, it's an affordable collection that makes great floor design really accessible," carpet tiles product director Vanessa Van Overmeeren said.

The Art Intervention collection, which is made in Belgium, can also be combined with IVC Commercial's Rudiments and Balanced Hues carpet tiles.

Product: Art Intervention
Brand: IVC Commercial
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Art Intervention carpet tiles by IVC Commercial
Art Intervention carpet tiles by IVC Commercial
Art Intervention carpet tiles by IVC Commercial