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A leather lounge chair by Jess Design

Earl lounge chair by Jess

Dezeen Showroom: Dutch design studio Jess has created Earl, a leather lounge chair characterised by its natural materials and clean lines.

The Earl lounge chair has a comfortable, pillowy design and is finished in bonanza leather, a tough leather crafted from buffalo skin.

Leather lounge chair by Jess
The Earl lounge chair has a thin metal frame

The leather for each chair has been vegetable tanned, resulting in a range of earthy hues from stone to faded black and subtle subtle colour differences between each piece.

The exterior of the fabric is treated manually with oil to create a textured finish, while imperfections such as insect bites and scratches are left exposed.

Earl lounge chair in black leather
The chair comes in a variety of sizes

"Natural beauty, pure simplicity – that's all it takes," Jess said of the chair's design.

Earl has a thin steel frame and comes in a variety of sizes, with or without armrests and with a low or high back.

Product: Earl lounge chair
Brand: Jess
Contact: [email protected]

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White lounge chair set outdoors
Earl lounge chair