Smart Ocean chair by Humanscale

Smart Ocean chair by Niels Diffrient for Humanscale

Dezeen Showroom: Humanscale has reimagined its Diffrient Smart office chair, created by the late American industrial designer Niels Diffrient, using plastic made from recycled fishing nets.

Called Smart Ocean, each of these chairs is formed from close to one kilogram of recycled nets, collected from the ocean and turned into pellets.

Humanscale office chair
Smart Ocean is an office chair

Since the design was originally released in 2019, Humanscale has recycled approximately 4,536 kilograms of nets into Smart Ocean chairs.

"Ocean plastic has become one of the greatest threats to our oceans and discarded fishing nets are the worst kind of ocean plastic," explained Humanscale founder and CEO Bob King.

"These nets can 'ghost fish' for years and are often washed onto reefs, damaging or destroying these delicate ecosystems."

An ergonomic chair made from fishing net
The ergonomic chair is designed to adjust to each user

The chair incorporates Humanscale's form-sensing mesh technology, which adjusts to users "as if each chair was made for them".

"It is the first-ever ergonomic chair to be built with recycled net and is also certified by the International Living Future Institute to the full Living Product Challenge," the brand explained.

Product: Smart Ocean chair
Designer: Niels Diffrient
Brand: Humanscale
Contact: [email protected]

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Humanscale Smart Ocean chair
Smart Ocean chair by Humanscale
Smart Ocean chair by Humanscale