The collection has a golden finish

Marea by Zanellato/Bortotto for De Castelli

Dezeen Showroom: Italian design studio Zanellato/Bortotto has created a collection of hand-finished metal cabinets, drawers and sideboards for De Castelli that have been oxidised to create a watercolour-style effect.

Named Marea, which translates as "the tide" in Italian, the cabinetry was designed to reflect a changing-skin effect that loosely references the shore and waves of water.

Marea by Zanellato/Bortotto for De Castelli
The collection has a metal construction

The collection was informed by the idea of metal as a living and changing material. This concept led the designers to use overlapping oxidations across metal to create an ombre watercolour effect.

The Marea collection has a rectangular square form and comprises a chest of drawers, two sideboards and a cabinet, all of which are available in three different colourways – a golden finish, an orange-brassy ombre and a sea blue.

The De Castelli products come in blue and gold
The cabinetry has a watercolour finish

"Like the tide leaves its mark, wave after wave, even here the hand of the craftsman has left its sign, oxidation after oxidation, creating a painterly effect that resembles water’s erosion of the material," said De Castelli.

Product: Marea
Designer: Zanellato/Bortotto
Brand: De Castelli

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The exterior was created by overlapping oxidations
It is available as a wide chest of drawers
Each draw has a different finish
The cabinetry is available in a brassy hue
The design has an ombre effect