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Gas Gyrofocus fireplace by Focus

Gas Gyrofocus fireplace by Focus

Dezeen Showroom: French fireplace company Focus has released the world's first pivoting gas fire with a patented design called Gas Gyrofocus.

The indoor fireplace is installed as a suspended, rotating gas fire that comes in either matt black or white. Focus first created the design for the Gyrofocus over 50 years ago as a wood-burning stove.

The fireplace has a patented design
Gas Gyrofocus comes in black and white

The Gas Gyrofocus has a newly patented technology that allows butane or propane gas to travel through a sealed pipe and into the suspended fireplace while it pivots 100 degrees.

With zero particle emissions, the odourless fireplace is suitable for long-term use indoors, in private homes as well as public spaces.

The product is suitable for indoor use
The fireplace is gas-powered

The Gas Gyrofocus has a sleek and curved design and is operated with a remote control for ease of use.

Product: Gas Gyrofocus
Brand: Focus
Contact: [email protected]

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