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Carmen Tile collection

Carmen tile collection by Bestile

Dezeen Showroom: tile manufacturer Bestile has launched a collection called Carmen that has "the look of a handcrafted tile, but features all the benefits of durable porcelain".

The Carmen tiles have a glazed finish, and subtle variations in texture and tone to make each piece unique.

Carmen tile collection by Bestile
The Carmen porcelain tiles come in a variety of sizes and colours

"When amassed together, the end result evokes the interiors of a bygone era yet offers a fresh, contemporary appeal," said Bestile.

The shiny tiles are available in dark hues of black, blue and green, as well as lighter shades of grey, white and beige.

Carmen tile collection by Bestile
The small tiles have a "strong visual impact"

Format options include two rectangular sizes, measuring 7.5 by 15 and 7.5 by 30 centimetres, plus a hexagonal design and a square that both measure 15 centimetres in width.

All of the variations are made from porcelain, and are suitable for use across interior walls and floors.

Carmen tile collection by Bestile
Subtle variations in the tile's texture and tone make each piece "unique"

"The tiles are small but have a strong visual impact," said area manager Enrique Martínez Dávila. "They are ideal for quickly transforming any space into something special."

Bestile is part of Tile of Spain, an association of over 100 Spanish tile manufacturers.

Product: Carmen collection
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Carmen tile collection by Bestile
Carmen tile collection by Bestile
Carmen tile collection by Bestile