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Il Veneziano tiles by Fiandre Architectural Surfaces

Il Veneziano tiles by Fiandre Architectural Surfaces

Dezeen Showroom: Fiandre Architectural Surfaces' Il Veneziano tiles have a terrazzo effect that runs all the way through their form, enabling three-dimensional and shaped designs.

The Il Veneziano porcelain tiles emulate the look of traditional Venetian terrazzo or seminato flooring, but with a contemporary twist.

Il Veneziano tiles by Fiandre Architectural Surfaces
The Il Veneziano tiles can be cut into rounded shapes

Unlike other terrazzo-look tiles, Italian brand Fiandre Architectural Surfaces makes Il Veneziano using a full-bodied approach that means the flecked stone runs throughout the tile rather than just appearing on the surface.

This makes the tile great for spacial manufacturing processes such as rounded, 45-degree or bevelled edges, mid-tile rounded or contoured water-jet cutting, or surface treatments such as sandblasting or laser cutting.

The uniformity also enables three-dimensional layouts, where the tiles' 10-millimetre profile is on display.

Il Veneziano tiles by Fiandre Architectural Surfaces
The tiles can be used in three-dimensional layouts

Additionally, it makes the tiles well-suited to high-traffic areas like stations, airports and galleries, as the terrazzo look will not be diminished by wear and tear.

Il Veneziano tiles are available in six colours — three warm brownish shades and three cooler hues. There are two finish options, matt-effect Natural and mirror-effect Polished.

In addition to the classic sizes, there are two new large formats, 120 by 270 and 120 by 120 centimetres. Both are designed to cut down on material waste by conforming to standard dimensions common to many countries — the former for ceiling heights, the latter for shower trays.

Product: Il Veneziano
Brand: Fiandre Architectural Surfaces
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Il Veneziano tiles by Fiandre Architectural Surfaces