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Horizon Collection by 3form

Horizon room dividers by 3form

Dezeen Showroom: American manufacturer 3form has introduced the Horizon collection of room dividers, which is made from gradient textiles embedded in translucent resin and etched, coloured glass panels.

The Horizon range has a tactile quality that results from the translucent materials combined with the fabric patterns.

The space dividers are made using 3forms' Varia resin as well as coloured glass panels with an etched pattern informed by the gradient motif of the textiles.

Horizon Collection by 3form
More yarn is embedded at the bottom of the panels, creating a gradient effect

Each resin panel is unique and comes in a range of colours informed by dawn and dusk.

"The Horizon collection textiles are washed in rich transitional shades from light to dark blue, light to dark grey and orange to gold, which become gradually softer and more translucent as the panel ascends," the brand said.

Horizon Collection by 3form
Horizon Etch is made from glass

The etched glass version, called Horizon Etch, was inspired by the gradient motif of the textiles. The panels are available in dusty blue, neutral taupe and dark grey.

"Horizon leverages our love for open spaces," said 3form's vice president of design Christian Darby.

"It allows us to be connected to those around us while having some level of privacy. When you can see a person's shadow behind a translucent 3form panel, there's comfort knowing there's somebody on the other side."

Product: Horizon collection
Brand: 3form
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