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Distressed Carpet by Talk Carpet

Distressed Carpet by Talk Carpet

Dezeen Showroom: Talk Carpet took inspiration from the crumbling buildings of Antigua to design this flooring, which has a pattern evoking cracks and cobblestones.

The Distressed Carpet is modelled after a specific wall in the Guatemalan city of Antigua, with organic shapes in different sizes and shapes that resemble cobblestones and accents in the same tone as red brick.

Distressed Carpet by Talk Carpet
The pattern on the Distressed Carpet evokes the stonework of a crumbling wall

"Because Antigua has many buildings that have been left alone for hundreds of years, there are many distressed buildings," said US brand Talk Carpets.

"Many structures use strong bases with cobblestones to make the architecture sturdy. The cracks and lines on the wall reveal the cobblestone base inside the structure."

The Distressed Carpet is meant to have a natural and rustic look that reminds the viewer of the beauty of crumbling buildings.

Talk Carpet is donating one per cent of the sales revenue from the custom design to the charity Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS (DIFFA).

It uses Econyl yarns made from recycled nylon and reduces the amount of waste created in its process by working from seaming diagrams.

Product: Distressed Carpet
Brand: Talk Carpet
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