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Style stoneware by Caesar Ceramics

Style stoneware by Caesar Ceramics USA

Dezeen Showroom: Caesar Ceramics USA has launched Style, a collection of US-made porcelain tiles with a subtle pattern that suits modern interiors.

The Style stoneware is patterned with soft lines and comes in four neutral shades — the grey hues Pure, Lovely and Elegant, and the cool brown Rich.

Style stoneware by Caesar Ceramics
The Style stoneware features a pattern of faint lines

Caesar Ceramics USA describes the tiles, which have a matt finish, as expressing a refined minimalism.

Style comes in a range of sizes, including a mosaic tile featuring five-by-five-centimetre squares arranged over a 30-by-30-centimetre sheet.

Style stoneware by Caesar Ceramics
The range includes a mosaic tile

The other sizes are rectangular shapes ranging from 15 by 60 to 20 by 100 centimetres, and all nine millimetres thick.

The colour-body porcelain tiles are suitable for both residential and commercial projects, and are VOC-free, frost-proof and chemical-resistant.

Product: Style
Brand: Caesar Ceramics USA
Contact: [email protected]

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