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Marsk Watchtower by BIG

Commenter says BIG's Marsk Watchtower in Denmark is "asking for trouble"

In this week's comments update, readers are concerned about BIG's recently opened Marsk Watchtower in Denmark and discussing other top stories.

Photos of the BIG-designed Marsk Watchtower in Denmark are attracting attention from readers.

The 25-metre-high viewing tower was built at Marsk Camp to draw tourists to the area, which is surrounded by UNESCO World Heritage-listed marshland.

"This wouldn't be allowed in the UK"

Readers aren't sold. "Hmmm," said Andy. "This seems to be asking for trouble after what has been happening in NYC with Heatherwick's not dissimilar structure."

"The risk here is lower as it's quite rural," replied Christopher. "Putting this near a busy city center would be dangerous."

"This wouldn't be allowed in the UK," continued Sam. "A landing would be required every 10 steps to provide an area to rest but also an area to break a fall if someone was to trip and tumble down."

Mads Kjaedegaard had different grievances: "So, in a landscape where the main attraction is that it is flat land and where the existing architecture takes its cue from local materials, someone thought it was a good idea to build a top-heavy, ill-proportioned metallic structure from which you can see exactly the same as you can from the ground? Also, keep to the railing and hope it's not a wet day."

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California Meadow House by Olson Kundig
Low-lying pavilions form expansive California Meadow House by Olson Kundig

Reader says "you could train for a marathon in that hallway"

Commenters are blown away by the scale of a house in northern California. The residence was designed by Olson Kundig and features an underground bar, vineyard and reflecting pools.

"You could train for a marathon in that hallway," said Salamoon. "It's the biggest space in this house for sure."

"Sublime," added BillH11103. "But who really needs four dining spaces yet only one living space? And, no cinema room? Hmm..."

Design Junkie was less keen: "Dull... no quirks, colours, or any visual interest other than being a high-quality build. Might as well be a high-end treatment centre for wealthy children to escape the city. Expensive boredom."

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The exterior of Cornish Cottage by Jonathan Tuckey
Jonathan Tuckey Design adds modern extension to traditional Cornish house

Commenter calls renovation "sensitive and elegant"

Readers are discussing Jonathan Tuckey Design's renovation of a historic house in Cornwall, England. The studio added a stone-clad extension that contrasts with the original lime-rendered building.

"Congratulations to the architect for twisting quaint charm into cynical abstraction," said JB.

Ken M Steffes disagreed: "Beautiful use of material and I understand the cantilevered addition. It has purpose and makes sense when you look at the overall property access."

"A pretty fabulous addition," concluded Chris. "I imagine if people could have cantilevered 400 years ago, they would have cantilevered 400 years ago."

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Marble Arch Mound by MVRDV
Marble Arch Mound attraction reopens and made "free for everyone to climb" in August

Reader says Marble Arch Mound is a "national embarrassment" 

Marble Arch Mound in London continues to attract comments – last week because Westminster City Council apologised for opening the £2 million attraction before it was ready and this week because it has been reopened for free to visitors during the month of August.

"No thanks," said Kevin.

"People will go to Oxford Street and Hyde Park because they want to visit Oxford Street and Hyde Park," added DVE. "They aren't going to go to see a pile of scaffolding and turf."

Alfred Hitchcock agreed: "Why don't they just admit that they made a terrible error of judgement and take the stupid thing down? It's a national embarrassment."

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