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Act 2 of the Forma rug collection by Tsar Carpets

Forma rug collection by Tsar Carpets

Dezeen Showroom: Tsar Carpets has launched Forma, its largest and most experimental rug collection to date, which was designed to "embody the dawn of a new beginning."

The Forma collection includes 25 hand-tufted floor coverings with abstract silhouettes and unusual colour and material combinations.

Swell, Wave, Rae and Paradiso from Forma rug collection
The Forma collection features 25 different vibrant patterns

Tsar Carpets' in-house design team began working on the project during lockdown, when cracked earth, moss-covered rocks and other natural sights observed on daily walks became a source of inspiration for patterns.

The team sought escapism through the use of vibrant colours and exaggerated forms as well as wanting to explore the themes of energy and optimism, Tsar Carpets design manager Teresa Ceberek explained.

Lucy, Mai, Muse, Paradiso and Yin rugs by Tsar Carpets
The designs are themed around energy and optimism

"The goal was to create designs that exemplify and embody the dawn of a new beginning," she said.

"The word 'forma' is a playful nod to the imaginative and uplifting shapes in each of the rug's patterns, as well as the abstract silhouettes of the rugs themselves."

Cali, Kinsey, Origin, Pompidou and Rize rugs by Tsar Carpets
The rugs incorporate unusual materials such as Lurex and ribbon yarn

This experimental approach led to a number of firsts for Tsar Carpets, including the brand's first use of refined fading techniques to create gradients and its first use of ribbon yarn to form sculptural rug dimensions.

The Forma rugs are hand-tufted from New Zealand wool, Tencel, ribbon yarn and Lurex. Their sizes, colours and designs can be altered to suit different projects.

Product: Forma
Brand: Tsar Carpets
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