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Grid carpet by Talk Carpets

Grid carpet by Talk Carpet

Dezeen Showroom: Talk Carpet looked to Egypt for inspiration for its Grid flooring, which references the traditional embroidery used on tents.

The Grid carpet bears a graphic motif that is drawn from sights the Talk Carpet team observed at Cairo's Khan El Khalili market, particularly the work of embroiderers who would traditionally create decorative tents for weddings and other occasions.

"Craftsmanship is everywhere in Egypt," said Talk Carpets. "The artisans' market sells colourful decor, antiques and souvenirs. There are artisans making brand new pieces at every corner."

Grid carpet by Talk Carpets
The Grid carpet has a carpet inspired by Egyptian handicrafts

Talk Carpets reimagines this imagery in the grey-and-white Grid carpet, which the brand says "makes a beautiful statement for any office or hospitality environment".

The design is part of Talk Carpets' custom carpet programme, which lets customers choose their own pattern, colour, pile height and dimensions.

The brand donates one per cent of all custom carpet sales to the charity Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS, which helps to raise awareness and fight HIV/AIDS.

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